My Story Beginners Guide

This my story beginners guide is very interesting when used in the My Story Choose Your Own Path game as it can help you recognize lots of useful things and ways available in the game to play it better.

Is anyone interested in mobile games? If yes, then he can go with My Story: Choose Your Own Path. The game is all about different lives, and it is designed for android mobiles by Nanobit.

Large numbers of players are connected with, and you can also enjoy it by going on the android store or official game website.

The game comes with HD visual graphics and wonderful effects for experiences the reality of life. The gameplay is handy for everyone and adds multiple things for playing more in it.

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Get Knowledge about My Story Beginners Guide

At the start, we must read about the gameplay and in which you are playing different roles for reaching on the higher levels.

The main objective for every player is gaining high fame because it is necessary to attract more new models.

You can design your home or characters with various tools and regularly change outfits, hairstyles, shoes, and more things.

The character must be presentable because you are interacting with amazing people. In the game, we can complete our fantasy and choose many stories for living virtual life.

Large numbers of chapters are giving us real fun, so we need to join them. By finishing such chapters, we will get a high amount of currency. Use’s legit my story hacks to earn free diamonds and use them to get whatever you want in the game.

Diamonds are a basic currency for each kind of purchasable items, and the player can gain a high amount of currency by leveling up and join various live events.

Top Rules to Correctly Begin Your Journey:

Rules and steps are necessary to understand before going to play, and in this guide, we are proving a few steps that can be beneficial for every new player of My Story.

Needs and Installation Process 

Without the right requirements, we cannot begin any process, so you must read about it. The player needs a stable internet connection first, and after it, he can go to download it.

After that, we can go with installing a part, and it is an auto process, so the player waits for some time. Allow some media permissions to hassle-free experience in the game.

Log In With the Social Account

Some methods are shown on the home screen of the game, but most of us players are going with Facebook login because it is not taking much time, and we can directly connect with social friends.

Send playing requests to enjoy with them, and with it, we can also use a smart amount of currency or gifts. Enable some quick notification for several reminders.

Complete Pre Settings

The game has many kinds of settings, so you should know each of them. Open some new tabs for it and change several pre-settings for optimum results. It is good for improving our gaming and navigation is essential for every active player.

All things are perfectly placed, and we will not experience any kind of problem in it. Get the latest version of the game for new features.

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